Alexander Trowbridge

Photo by Joseph Diepenbrock.

Online Resume: I am a UNC Chapel Hill Senior Journalism major. Here’s my stuff.

News: Interesting bit of news? I’ll share my thoughts. And if you’ve got something good, please share it with me.

Site Critiques: News on the internet, though more organized that in earlier years, is still part of the continually developing, (almost) anything-goes culture of the last decade’s expansion to the online medium. I have looked at many sites and this part of the blog is where I point out those that are doing it well and unleash my fury on the ones messing it all up.

Thoughts & Ideas: I have some ideas for fixing this here internet news thing, and I’ll share them with you. Whether you’re a scout for a big company that needs a new CEO or, most likely, one of my Online News Writing and Editing classmates, please comment with suggestions and you’re own ideas. I promise I’ll only steal them if they’re good.


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